The basic research program at the Portland Shriners Hospital is part of an intramural research program sponsored by Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Portland Research Center is one of six centers of research excellence in North America. Our multidisciplinary center is closely affiliated with the Oregon Health & Science University, and our faculty, postdoctoral trainees and graduate students are integrated into its academic programs. Structural biology of the extracellular matrix (the material that occupies space between cells) has been the center’s historical focus. However, efforts have expanded in molecular genetics and cell and developmental biology of skeletal development in recent years. A modern construction of a 15,000 useable square feet research facility became home to the Portland Research Center in 1997. The new space has provided opportunities to strengthen existing research activities and to undertake new programs under the general theme of skeletal/limb development. We are very optimistic about the future of our research center.

William A. Horton, MD
Director of Research
Professor of Molecular and Medical Genetics
Oregon Health & Science University

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